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Setting up my Bullet Journal for January 2023: Winter snowflakes theme

Happy New Year to all of my readers! Wishing you a fantastic 2023. I’m a bit late sharing my bullet journal pages this time as I only just got them finished. I’ve done a snowflakes theme before, but last time, I did a monochrome version with just my Pigma micron pens. I ordered some new brush and fine nib pens to arrive just after Christmas and there are lots of lovely blues in the set of 24, so I thought I’d try out the fine tips on my January spreads. I hope you like them and as always, if you’ve shared your pages for this month, feel free to link them in the comments.

Cover page

This month’s cover page is heavily influenced by a design from on Instagram. I’ve changed it up slightly by adding sparkles, dots and small circles but the composition is mainly the same. I used my circle drawing tool and, as I messed up the lettering in my notebook, I cut a page from the back using my X-Acto knife, trimmed it down, created the wreath and then stuck it in after I’d finished. I decided to do a rough freehand border around it to make it stand out. My new pens are from the Ohuhu brand and I ordered the mid tone range which has some lovely pastel colours.

Photo credit: Laura Jones for Keeping It Creative

Monthly Calendar

I’m really pleased with how this one turned out. It’s my usual grid layout with different snowflake designs filling the space. It took me a while but it was a nice bit of mindful drawing in the evening of the first of January,

Photo credit: Laura Jones for Keeping It Creative


Again, this spread is self explanatory. By the end of last month, my expenses table was completely full – in fact I ran out of space! Hopefully, this month will be a lot lighter on the spending front!

Photo credit: Laura Jones for Keeping It Creative

TV series watched

I don’t do one of these each month but my last one ran up until the end of December so I’ve just set up a new one. I like to record all of the different series we watch and the particular genres we enjoy. It’s nice to see all of the things we’ve watched and is a good reminder of what we’ve seen.

Photo credit: Laura Jones for Keeping It Creative

Veganuary Week 1 Meal Planning

My husband and I are doing Veganuary again this year which means we’re eating vegan for the whole of January. It gets easier every year but we still need to do a meal plan each week so that we know what we’re having for lunch and dinner each day. I also find the meal planning pages from previous years really useful. Obviously, this page could be useful whatever your diet but we don’t tend to spend long thinking of meal ideas the rest of the year.

Photo credit: Laura Jones for Keeping It Creative

Weekly Plan

This is my first weekly of the month. I used the same snowflake design for each day because coming up with different designs is what took a lot of time for the cover and calendar. I messed up on the spacing for this spread so the bottom columns are one dot space shorter than the ones at the top but it doesn’t bother me too much as I tend to write less at the weekends anyway.

Photo credit: Laura Jones for Keeping It Creative

Final words…

That’s all of the spreads I’ve drawn up so far. I have my running task list to set up this morning which will go on the page after my weekly plan and I will of course be doing more meal planning spreads and weekly plans over the weeks. I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at my spreads for this month. We have no snow here at the moment but it is certainly cold enough to get some white stuff soon.



A creative planning and journalling addict who lives in the North East of England, My current passions are my bullet journal, my Traveler's Notebook for memory keeping, my DSLR for taking nature photos, my new watercolour paints and my papercrafting supplies. I also own and run LJDesignsNE on Etsy where I sell pretty and functional goodies to fellow planner and journaling addicts.

11 thoughts on “Setting up my Bullet Journal for January 2023: Winter snowflakes theme

  1. I loved the snowflakes Laura. I’ve just started my first foray into bullet journalling so its good to see what you’re doing/how you lay things out as its given me a few ideas. I do have a meal planner, but I prefer the way you have yours laid out, so I may borrow that from you.

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    1. I’m so glad you like my snowflake designs Brenda and my pages have given you some ideas. I hope you find bullet journalling works really well for you. Don’t be put off by the immaculate pages you see on social media as your layouts should work for you and help you be organised / productive or whatever you want to achieve.


      1. I’d done a bit of research before I started so I had a good idea of what I could do. I started before Christmas so I’ve been using my journal a couple of weeks. I love the versatility and the fact I can keep everything in one book. I’m not worried about artwork for now … just getting used to working with it and seeing what it can do and how I want to use it. The big tell will be once I’m back at work, but it does mean I just need to take one notebook with me

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      2. Ryder Carroll’s book is a really useful read if you’re wanting your BuJo to be primarily an organisation tool. I like to get creative in mine too as I find the mindfulness element of drawing and designing good for my mental health. There are some months when my journal is purely functional and it’s great for complete flexibility in relation to this.

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    1. Thank you! What are you hoping to get out of bullet journalling – organisation and productivity or is it as a creative outlet too? I love to do both but when I’m not feeling myself, I just do the bare minimum of a monthly calendar with space to decorate later if I feel like it.


      1. a bit of everything to be honest. I’m trying to be more accountable to myself and using the bujo as a tool. I have trackers for my steps and water (as well as my dog’s poop since she’s been sick). I also have a tracker for 23 23’s of 2023 so this encapsulates mini goals to try to reach, including 10k steps, 8 glasses of water, reading 23 books (long shot), etc. This is my first REAL attempt at a bujo – with goals, spreads, and trackers.

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