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Setting up my Bullet Journal for July 2022: Summer Seaside theme

Today I’m sharing my bullet journal spreads for July a little later than planned. I was all set to finish them before the end of June but, unfortunately, I started feeling really unwell on Wednesday night and on the Friday, I tested positive for COVID-19. I’ve also passed it on to my husband so we’ve both been keeping dosed up with paracetamol and trying to rest.

The theme I’ve chosen is a Summer / Beach theme. Again, I’ve been practising my drawing skills on my cover and calendar pages and, although they’re not perfect, I’m pleased with how they turned out. I found some wavy paper in my stash from when I used to buy Papercraft magazine – I’m pretty sure you have to print the papers yourself nowadays which is not good for my expensive ink cartridges! Anyway, here’s my short number of pages…

Front cover

When I’d decided upon my theme for the month, I spent time searching Google for Summer doodles, beach clip art and examples of bullet journal spreads for the Summer months. I found lots of inspiration and created a folder of images on my computer to refer to. I actually did the calendar spread first and then went back to the cover.

Photo credit: Laura Jones for Keeping It Creative

Monthly calendar / month at a glance

When I first did the title for the page, I wasn’t happy with how it turned out so I stamped the letters on some wave design paper and then mounted it on a small piece of craft paper which reminded me of the colour of sand. I tore the kraft paper against a ruler to create a slightly roughened edge. Again, for the pictures, I was brave and sketched straight into my bullet journal. I then inked them using a Pigma Micron 0.2 and although a few of the lines went a little wonky, I think it adds to the hand-drawn look.

Photo credit: Laura Jones for Keeping It Creative

Activity tracker

I’ve enjoyed filling in my activity trackers for the last couple of months but decided to change it up for July. This one is very similar to what I used to use to track my yoga sessions, but this time I’m going to write in the different types of workouts I’ve done each day. I may choose a particular colour of fineliner pen for each exercise style, e.g. pink for legs/glutes etc. but I haven’t decided yet. Unlike the previous months, this one won’t record how many active minutes I do each day.

Photo credit: Laura Jones for Keeping It Creative

Reading Log

I only have enough pages left for July in my current bullet journal so I’ve just included the current month on this spread and filled the rest of the space with a quote. This is my usual set up where I record the book title and give it a heart rating out of 5 hearts when I finish reading.

Photo credit: Laura Jones for Keeping It Creative

Final words…

That’s it for the pre-prepared spreads for this month. I’m so disappointed that I didn’t get them done and photographed in time to share them before June was out but better late than never! I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at my spreads for July. I would love to know what you think of them.


A creative planning and journalling addict who lives in the North East of England, My current passions are my bullet journal, my Traveler's Notebook for memory keeping, my DSLR for taking nature photos, my new watercolour paints and my papercrafting supplies. I also own and run LJDesignsNE on Etsy where I sell pretty and functional goodies to fellow planner and journaling addicts.

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