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Currently… life update March 2023

I promised myself I would keep to a schedule of doing one of these on my blog around every six months so this one is slightly overdue – my last one was August 2022. It’s been nice to check back on my previous one, to see how things have changed, what has stayed the same or at least similar and where my priorities lay then and now. I challenge my readers who also have their own blog to do their own ‘Currently’ with their own categories.

Currently eating…

lots of vegetable rich foods in recipes we’ve found online. This week we’ve enjoyed Turkish ratatouille with yogurt dressing and flatbreads and tonight we’re making vegetarian enchiladas which we’ve made once before and had totally forgotten about! We found that the first recipe wasn’t enough without some form of protein so we’re going to try adding a Quorn Fillet, halloumi or some type of pulse.

Currently drinking…

as I do some kind of workout each day, I’m trying to drink much more water as well as my usual cherries and berries squash. I tend to have four coffees too and I find I get dehydrated if I don’t follow each mug with a large glass of water. I’m also enjoying the Summer Shine J2O which has just made its way to the supermarket – it’s been around for a few years now and I always buy myself a four pack every now and then throughout Spring and Summer.

Currently watching…

I know we’re a bit late to the party, but we’ve got really into The Handmaids Tale and watch at least one episode each week. We’re halfway through Season 2 so we’ve got plenty left to keep us entertained. We’re also enjoying Unforgotten season 5 and The Bay which I believe is now up to season 4. Grace is also back on which is based on the novels of Peter James and if you love crime dramas, this is definitely one to watch too.

Currently creating…

the final few pages of my December Daily project. I did want to be finished by now but I’ve been busy doing other stuff and kind of put it off until the end of this month. I’ve been trying out my fuse tool to make shaker pockets and after about 4 failed attempts, I’ve finally made a fully sealed and functional one! The picture is a Christmas card that I cut the front off and trimmed.

Photo credit: Laura Jones for Keeping It Creative

Currently loving…

the extra light that comes with Springtime / British Summer Time. We’ve had quite a bit of rain so far since the clocks went forward, so it’s not been super bright but I’m sure sunshine is on the way! It’s also great to see things popping up in the garden – our hyacinths are in full bloom and our tulips and late flowering daffodils should be along soon.

Currently listening…

to songs from Les Misérables. We went to see the musical last year and it was amazing. I debated buying the soundtrack but instead we’ve been listening to the tunes on my husband’s tablet whilst cooking. If you haven’t yet made a trip to see it at the theatre, I would totally recommend it if you enjoy musicals.

Currently feeling…

tired out! I’ve done 3 workouts today – two mini Pilates workouts using a resistance band and my new magic circle and then an aerobic routine with a little bit of core work on my mat afterwards. The aerobics one was a free Instructor Live one which was shared on the NHS website. I was meant to do Zumba today but I got a call last night from the gym saying that the session had been cancelled due to instructor illness. I certainly think I’ve made up for missing it and I’ll be ready for bed straight after watching The Bay!

Final words…

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my mini life update for early 2023. If you do create a similar post yourself on your own blog, do comment and I will be sure to check it out.



A creative planning and journalling addict who lives in the North East of England, My current passions are my bullet journal, my Traveler's Notebook for memory keeping, my DSLR for taking nature photos, my new watercolour paints and my papercrafting supplies. I also own and run LJDesignsNE on Etsy where I sell pretty and functional goodies to fellow planner and journaling addicts.

6 thoughts on “Currently… life update March 2023

  1. I agree on Les Mis. It is amazing. I also agree about how dull its been with the rain. My boots were squelching by the time I got home last night … had to throw them away … an excuse for new ones 😁

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    1. Hope you find some nice new boots Brenda. They should be selling them off now I would have thought. It will soon be time to rake out the sandals! It’s foggy and rainy here today – no sun in Sunderland.

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